Monday, April 16, 2007

More -=Found Pinhole=-

This guy doesn't supply details about his technical data, other than what is shown here. Great, moody images though!
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More abstract shit!

Pin Hole Capture at dusk on a full moon night. Very long exposures.

These ultra low-fi captures are cathartic works for me. They were all taken at dusk/night with a full moon in a fairly rural, very quiet, dark place. I slept there for the night, just me and my sleeping bag, the great grandmother moon, a bottle of port and the sounds and movements of nature all around me. The light was sublime and the trees and the reflection in the water created a calm, eerie and magical vibe. Also, that night I made friends with a heron!

These shots encapsulate that night. Rough, raw, ambient, honest and for me, magical.

Modern technology? BAH!! 
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